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Nineteen year old Finn is EPT Copenhagen Champion

The Poker Stars European Poker Tour Scandinavian Open finished up in much like the previous five days of play, in a fast, aggressive style.  An impressive 462 players turned out for the tournament, all hoping they would be taking home the €878,057 top prize. The starting days had fields of some of the top players in poker including Gus Hansen, Bertrand Grospellier, Annette Obrestad, Thor Hansen, Dario Minieri and Isabelle Mercier. It only took a little over four and a half hours to crown the winner on Day four of play. The final eight at the start of Day 4 were:pokerstars-logo-black

Rasmus Nielsen: 1,031,000
Petter Petersson: 407,000
Peter Hedlund: 367,000
Jussi Nevanlinna: 894,000
Jonas Klausen: 262,000
Jens Kyllönen: 366,000
Eric Larcheveque: 221,000
Anders Langset: 1,119,000

With play barely under way, the eighth place elimination was quickly determined with Peter Hedlund beating out Jonas Klausen (€80,370) with a full house. A battle of wills began between Eric Larcheveque and Rasmus Nielsen. Nielsen was looking to double up when he called Larcheveque's reraise and coming up the winner, eliminating Eric Larcheveque in seventh place (€113,106).  Nielsen's luck didn't hold out long however when he faced Anders Langset's two pair, eliminating him in sixth place (€142,870). Only a few short moments after the first break, Petter Petersson was eliminated in fifth place (€181,564). Next to fall were Jussi Nevanlinna who was sent home in fourth place (€220,258) and Anders Langset in third place (€288,717). With play finally two handed, Jens Kyllonen was slowly chipping away at Peter Hedlund until they finally came head to head. Hedlund raised 220,000 with Kyllonen pushing all in, prompting Hedlund to call. They both flipped over their cards to reveal Kyllonen holding Js, Jc and Hedlund holding Ac, Jh. The board came 9s, 8h, 5s, Kc, Qc.  Kyllonen's jacks held up, giving the nineteen year old Finn the EPT Scandinavian Open championship.

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