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Annie Duke Fired

Annie Duke vs Joan Rivers in The Celebrity Apprentice

"You're fired" were the dreaded words spoken to professional poker player Annie Duke by Donald Trump at the end of the 3 hour live finale of NBC´s television show The Celebrity Apprentice. In the show celebrities are pitted against each other in business-driven tasks around New York, using their fame, wits and networking to pass on to the next round and ultimately win $250,000 for charity.

In the finale Annie was facing Joan Rivers in a charity fundraising drive for their respective charities. It was not just about money though, but overall better performance. While Duke managed to raise three times more money for her cause Refugees International, it was ultimatetely Rivers who won the heart of the audience along with the vote of the show boardroom to take down the title.

Trump called Annie Duke "tough, smart and ruthless", but it was perhaps the bigger celebrities (and Kodak) attracted by Rivers, and her overall professionalism that got her the favor of the boardroom. In any case, Annie Duke just got Rivered.

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