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Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in Online Casino Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio fights in online casino movieAccording to Variety Paramount Pictures has signed Leonardo DiCaprio to star in a movie about online casinos in Costa Rica, with script written by the people responsible for bringing you the cult poker movie Rounders (IMDB).

"Details on the story are scarce, but it is set in the world of Costa Rica-based online casinos. I’m not even sure what’s particularly noteworthy about that, but according to CBS News, Costa Rica is the Internet’s Las Vegas, and there’s a bit of a wild west mentality going on with all of the online casinos that have set up shop there. There’s a lot of money flying around, loose restrictions and no taxes… so yes, there’s probably a very good movie in there." -MTV

One might wonder that the location could have been selected based on the recent $20 million insider cheating scandal revealed in Costa Rican based online poker rooms Absolute Poker & UltimateBet, which was a story that gained national coverage. A joint investigation by 60 Minutes and The Washington Post raised questions about the integrity and security of the highly profitable online gambling industry that operates outside U.S. law. The poker rooms have since been independently audited, and all affected players were compensated.

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