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Chinese "Poker King" Movie Potentionally Bigger Than Rounders

Poker King movieAn all Chinese major poker movie with working title Poker King (Pou hark wong) is expected to be completed for cinematic release later this year, and feature some of the best Asian poker professionals.

Part of the movie is being filmed at the Asian Poker Tour stop in Macau from August 12th through the 23rd. It is said the movie crew will need lots of extras and even players to take on roles if they choose.

The Poker King movie will be directed by famous Chinese directors Chan Hing-Ka and Janet Chun, and tells the story of two poker rivals competing for world championship of poker. Cast is full of Chinese all star actors and pop stars including Louis Koo, Sean Lau Ching –Wan, Stephy Tang, Cherrie In and Josie Ho. Ten time WSOP bracelet winner Johnny Chan will assist in production.

The film is expected to be completed for cinematic release later this year, and many believe it can have a similar impact in Asia as the 1998 film Rounders did in the western world. Johnny Chan said: "Poker King has the potential to be much, much bigger than Rounders ever was. Say there are over one billion Chinese speaking people in the world and compare this to the US and their 300 million people you can see that this could be huge. Rounders gave poker a new lease of life in the western world - this could kick start a new poker boom in Asia."

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