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Massive Cash Game in Macau

By Robert Jones, Rakeback.com Staff Writer

Macau Cash GameAt first the players who arrived to play in the Asian Poker Tour’s stop in Macau were disappointed because of the lower than expected turn-out.  The low turnout meant that prize pools for the slate of tournaments was much smaller, barely generating an interest from the poker professionals.  What are these bored poker players to do then?  Why, start a nosebleed cash game, of course.

Playing in Hong Kong currency, blinds started near the equivalent of $650/$1,300 (USD), according to tournament director Matt Savage, who first posted of the game on the TwoPlusTwo poker forums.  These blinds, of course, weren’t high enough to keep the likes of John Juanda, Phil Ivey, and Chau Giang interested, so they moved up to $1,300/$2,600.

No high stakes cash game would be complete without Tom Dwan, but unfortunately for Dwan, he had a huge stack in the APT main event.  When word got to him of the cash game, Dwan opted to go all in with 10-4 offsuit.  Again, unluckily for him, he doubled up.  At this point Dwan asked Savage to tell him when he was down to 20 big blinds, because he was going to play the cash game.  Dwan did come back, but was eliminated in 25th place, with only 18 paying.

Dwan wasn’t too bummed, because by Savage’s account, he has been one of the big winners in the cash game, winning about HK$4,000,000 or $516,000 American.  Ivey is the overall big winner, racking up a profit of HK$15,000,000, or around $1.9 million American.

The game, which started at the Hard Rock Casino, has since moved to the Starworld Casino.  The move was because a number of the players were interested in a pot limit Omaha game, and the Starworld Casino is the only casino in Macau that offers the game. 

The pros have also been joined by Hong Kong businessmen, who have reportedly wanted to move the stakes up even higher, but no word on if this has happened yet. 

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