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Terrence Chan Denied Entry Into the U.S.

By Scott Carlson, Rakeback.com Staff Reporter

Poker Player Terrence ChanAccording to Terrence Chan's blog, he was recently denied entry into the United States, twice. Chan, a Canadian citizen and professional poker player with nearly $900,000 in career tournament earnings, has traveled between his home country and the United States several times before without incident. He has even been to the World Series of Poker every year since 2006 with extended stays in the country. This time it was different for him.

Chan's plan was to drive down to California and compete in a martial arts competition. After that he was going to do some jiujitsu, muai tai and wrestling training in California and rent a house on the beach and stay for a month or so. Last Thursday he tried crossing the border. He was escorted off to secondary screening and after waiting several hours he was asked a litany of questions. After numerous rounds of questioning he was officially denied entry. The ultimate reason they gave him was that he could not prove that he would leave the country when he said he would.

On Monday he went back and tried to cross again bringing with him all of the documentation that was requested by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) when he was denied entry last week. Chan thought that the second he arrived at the border this time that the US officials already had their mind made up. There was no way they were allowing him in the country. Every piece of evidence they asked him to bring was dissected and they found every small little error they could muster. They asked for additional documentation. Anything to keep him out of the country.

Chan concluded that he is done with trying to get back in the United States. He indicated that it is not out of anger but out of sadness. Sure he could get more documentation and hire a lawyer but what's the point? It might work the next time he tried to enter the country but that's no guaranty that the DHS won't pull the same thing again and again.

Terrence Chan is a class act and the United States loss is definitely Canada's gain.

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