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EU Online Gaming Market Overtakes U.S.

By Scott Carlson, Rakeback.com Senior Writer

EU Internet PokerAccording to reports, Europe is now the biggest online gaming market, passing the United States for the first time. Total European revenues for internet gaming companies are expected to total $12.5 billion in 2010.

If the U.S ever gets their internet gaming bill passed, it is highly likely they would take the number one spot back. The U.S isn't the only country with regulatory problems. The European Union is battling its member countries over closing off gaming sites to other member countries, such as in Germany and Austria. Also, the EU recently ruled that Italy must open their up its market to non-Italian run online casinos.

Regulation and taxation has been the norm over the last several years. As countries are increasingly looking for ways to fund budget shortfalls, regulating online gaming has been a tremendous source of revenue. Add to the fact that online gaming sites welcome the regulation and taxation, it makes perfect sense. Maybe someday the U.S. will get on board with the rest of the world.

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