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Ongame Network Changes Points System to Rake Based

We just wanted to let you know that Ongame Network is changing the way that player points are calculated. The current model of activity-based contribution is being replaced by a new rake-based player point system. This new system is fairer, in that players will now be rewarded for their contribution to the pot rather than just their participation. The new system will be in force from the 29th of April onwards.

New Rake-Based Player Point System

What this means is that player points* will be awarded according to the pot contribution made by each player.

For example, in cash games where all players have invested money into a pot, each will be awarded with 3.25 Player Points for each dollar in rake they have generated. So, if a player contributes with $0.40 in rake in one pot he will be awarded with 1.3 Player Points (i.e. $0.40/$1.00 x 3.25).

In tournaments, players will be awarded 5 player points per dollar in entry fee (real money tournaments). For example; if a player enters a $20+$2 tournament, the player will be awarded 5 x $2 = 10 points; if a player enters a $5+$0.50 tournament, the player will be awarded 5 x $0.50 = 2.5 points. The points will be awarded when the tournament finishes.

*Player Points are accumulated through playing real money in cash games and tournaments.

Current Activity Based System

At the moment, points are awarded at a rate of 0.07 points for each $0.10 of rake in a cash game. For example, all players contributing to a pot with $3 rake will each receive 2.1 Poker Points, no matter how much they contributed to the pot. For tournaments, points are awarded at a rate of 5 poker points for each $1 of tournaments entry fee paid, e.g. if a player enters a $10 +1 tournament, they will receive 5 Points.

Date of Implementation

The change is confirmed for 29 April 2010 and from that date onwards, Player Points for cash games will be based on the actual rake a player has contributed.

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