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South Carolina Moving Towards Legalizing Home Poker Games

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

South Carolina PokerThe South Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee approved changes to the state’s gambling laws Tuesday to make home poker games legal.  The committee voted in favor of the changes 15 to 6, and the bill will now be presented to the full State Senate for a vote.

Currently, South Carolina’s gambling laws from 1802 are in effect, and make games using dice or cards illegal.  So technically, players in the state are breaking the law for a simple, friendly home poker game.

The bill is facing a bit of resistance from Senators worried that the wording would open the door for video poker.  In 1986, the verbiage of the state budget eventually allowed unregulated video poker to be introduced in South Carolina.  Eventually, in 1999, the state outlawed the $2.8 billion dollar video poker industry.

Republican Senator Ray Cleary assured that no loopholes exist in this bill to allow anything to slip through the cracks.

“We spelled it out in black and white that video poker is illegal.  Slot machines are illegal and nothing can be construed in this to allow it.” he stated.

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