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AGA Pushing for Online Poker Regulation

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

American Gaming AssociationThe American Gaming Association (AGA) recently released a video that explains the current state of online poker in the United States by comparing it to the Wild West.

The two and a half minute video touches briefly on many of the major issues that are troublesome for online poker in the U.S. today such as lost jobs and money for the country.  While short, and somewhat simplified, it does a good job of nutshelling the reasons why legislation is needed to regulate the industry in the United States.

The AGA was created in 1995 to create a better understanding of the gaming industry. Historically the AGA has been focused on land based gambling issues, but has recently become more involved in the online poker industry.

Near the end of the video, a Code of Conduct is mentioned that the AGA suggests for online poker companies. Here’s the six main points of this code, which you can read about in greater detail here.

  1. Submit to Extensive Background Investigations of the Company and Key Personnel
  2. Ensure Proper Identification of Every U.S. Online Poker Player
  3. Submit to Regular Testing and Auditing of Online Poker Software
  4. Implement Effective Player Exclusion Processes
  5. Incorporate Effective Responsible Gaming Protections on Their Sites
  6. Implement Effective Anti-Money-Laundering Procedures

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