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Ziigmund Doubles Up With Million Dollar Week

by Joss Wood, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

PokerStars has become the high-stakes cash game venue of choice lately, and some of the best cash game specialists have been battling at $200/$400 PLO. Ilari Sahamies, the volatile Fin, emerged victorious with an extra $1 million in his bankroll from this week's play. His online winnings are now over $2 million for the year, putting him on top of the worldwide leaderboard.

The other big winner this week was Fake Love888, heavily rumoured to be the screen name used by Patrik Antonius. The player is based in Monaco, where Patrik lives, so the deduction seems obvious. Whoever Fake Love888 is, he’s $418K better off than he was last week.

The big losers were Peter Chan, down just over $500K, Rob Akery from the UK, and 1Il|1Il|1il|, real name unknown, who is now down over $180K for the year. Rui Cao also lost $200K at the $100/200 tables. He’s been on a downswing since August, but is still up $890K on the year.

The biggest pot of the week came at a 6-max $200/400 PLO table. Peter Chan raised to $1,200 from the cut off, and Ilari 3-bet to $4,680 from the button. The flop came J-7-9, all clubs, and when checked to, Ilari made a continuation bet of $15,000. Chan called and the turn brought the 6 of hearts. Ilari continued representing the flush with a $44,800 bet and Chan again made the call.

An Ace on the river didn’t change anything, and Ilari shoved his remaining $150k into the pot. Chan called and his Queen-high flush couldn’t beat Sahamies’ stone cold nuts. The A5 of clubs brought the $266k pot home to Finland. Most of us will never know the feeling of flopping the nuts and winning enough cash to buy a home, but it sure sounds like fun.

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