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Kentucky Home Game Robbed at Gunpoint

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

kentucky home game robbery

Just how well do you know your fellow home game players? That’s the question that is probably on the minds of a group of players in Louisville, Kentucky after their private game was stormed by three masked gunmen last month.

The robbers methodically collected keys, wallets, and money.  Police estimated $8,000 cash was stolen in the robbery.

This week police arrested two people in connection with the crime and are searching for two more, including an accomplice who was a regular in the game for years.

That regular, Enrique Gamarra, was introduced to the game by a mutual friend, but since the robbery has fled and authorities have been unable to locate him.

After the incident the players victimized questioned whether future private home games are worth the risk involved. “It makes you realize the inherent dangers of playing at home games. It really does.” said Eric Ivey, a regular from the game.

“Definitely no more home games in the near future,” Dawn Gwin, also a regular in the game stated.

Current law in Kentucky prohibits gambling of any kind in the state, even in private home games, although it’s a difficult law to enforce.

Maybe they should stick to the PokerStars Home Games instead.

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