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PokerStars Puts the Muscle On

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

allen-kessler-logl-controversyIf you’re not a Team PokerStars Pro then apparently you should forget about any endorsement deals at the NAPT, or events that were originally planned to be an NAPT stop.

The Big Event at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles raised the ire of at least one poker professional, Allen Kessler. Apparently the terms of going deep in an NAPT event required that Full Tilt Poker insignia wouldn’t be allowed deep into the tournament.

It looks as if the rules of the tournament required that all non-PokerStars badges and insignia had to be removed prior to getting past the first round of the shoot-out tournament. Rule number 14. The one rule to rule them all.

The controversy stems from an addition to the waiver form that states “all logo exclusions indicated in previous rules do not apply to PokerStars.net logos”

Players with Full Tilt Poker logos were demanded to remove the insignia prior to going further in the tournament. Apparently the rules of the tournament stated that “only 10% of players in the 81 player event could wear any particular logo.”

The bottom line here is that PokerStars brought the players for the tournament and made sure the contract included their name in the end.

The truth according to Allen 'Chainsaw' Kessler can be seen on the Two Plus Two Forums.

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