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Poker Site Traffic Continues to Drop in the Wake of Black Friday

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Online Poker TrafficPokerScout has long been tracking online poker sites traffic and up until a few weeks ago much of the data they’ve provided has been interesting, but really nothing more than that.

Since Black Friday, and the subsequent shuttering of Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and the Cereus Network (kinda) to United States players, the data has been a bit more revealing.

In their Weekly Online Poker Traffic Update published on April 25th, PokerScout revealed some interesting facts about the first two weekends since Black Friday.

Not surprisingly the sites named in the Federal lawsuit saw overall decreases in traffic the first weekend after the indictments were handed down. The drops ranged from 26% to 49% among the three affected networks.

Small Surprise

The second weekend since Black Friday provided a few interesting tidbits though.

Full Tilt Poker, who saw the largest drop in traffic for the first weekend (49%) actually saw an increase for the second weekend since Black Friday. The site marked a 28% increase in traffic from the first weekend. PokerScout believes that the start of FTOPS XX may be a factor for the turnaround.

Keep in mind that’s a 28% increase from the first weekend since their shutdown in the United States, not a 28% increase in traffic from pre-Black Friday traffic. Even so, it’s still a surprising statistic considering that PokerStars and the Cereus Network continued to trend downward with the traffic statistics respectively losing 3% and 42% from week one to week two.

Most of the sites still open to U.S. players continued to show gains in traffic since Black Friday with the Merge Network up 61%, leading the pack.

So who’s the biggest loser since Black Friday in terms of lost traffic? That dubious honor goes to the Cereus Network, who’s weekly drops of 40% and 42% has led to an overall drop of nearly two thirds of all of its traffic.

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