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Online Poker Boom (and Bust) Documentary Trailer Released

By Scott Carlson, Rakeback.com Poker News Senior Writer

The people who brought us Busto to Robusto and The Micros are set to release a new poker documentary titled BOOM: The Incredible True Story of Online Poker.

The trio of Ryan Firpo, Jay Rosenkrantz and Taylor Caby released the trailer to the documentary recently. The finished product is not scheduled to be released until 2012. Take a look at the trailer below.

The film took an unexpected turn from the original idea which was first floated in October of last year. Filming is ongoing and according to Ryan Firpo's message on the Two Plus Two Forums they are looking to film additional footage. If anyone believes they have an interesting story to share they will be around the WSOP this summer.

If the film proves to be even half as good as the Busto to Robusto documentary, they will have a hit on their hands.

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