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Tony G Comments on Full Tilt Poker Payouts

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Tony GWith the poker world breathing down Full Tilt Poker’s neck to begin providing cashouts to U.S. players, Tony G. sent some pretty interesting tweets Tuesday evening. In one tweet, he says the following:

“I have information that leads me to believe that the FTP, and TEAM FTP are working harder than ever to ensure all players get paid.”

The professional player and former child Rubik’s Cube champion of Lithuania (natch…genius) followed that up with another tweet:

“I understand the FTP teams personal assets are on the line and they will liquidate own assets to pay the players out.”

Take it for what it’s worth, just a tweet, but it’s definitely worth noting. We all know that Tony G. is prone to…shall we say…use his mouth in an extraneous fashion, so we’re just taking this with a grain of salt for now.

We’re on top of this situation, so stay tuned to the Rakeback.com News page for any breaking news.

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