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Say Hello to the Epic Poker League

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Epic Poker ReagueThe past few months we’ve been reporting on the creation of a new professional poker league created by Jeffrey Pollack and Annie Duke we’ve been using the term “the yet to be named league” to refer to it.

A press release we received Monday from Federated Sports + Gaming, the league’s parent company, finally gives the league a proper title.  No, we won’t be digging back through our archives to change the name in previous news reports, but from now on we can refer to the league by its proper name, the Epic Poker League.

"This is no ordinary tournament league," said Jeffrey Grosman, COO of FS+G. "Our fields will be some of the toughest in poker history and we expect the competition to be nothing less than epic. In selecting a name that could live up to the players' incredible skill and talent, epic was a natural fit.”

The Epic Poker League partially launched its official website as well and plans for it to be fully launched prior to the league’s first tournament on August 5th.

Qualification for the Epic Poker league is based upon previous live tournament results and winnings and the league’s schedule for its inaugural season was announced in February.

Now that the league has a name, logo and website, all that remains to be seen is just how successful it will be in terms of participants and followers. It might end up being the Epic Fail Poker League.

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