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Huck Seed Hits Royal Flush for $670K - on Video Poker

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Have you been wondering what Full Tilt Poker’s red pros have been doing to make money since Black Friday? Well, for Huck Seed the answer is simple. Just hit a Royal Flush on a $500 video poker machine to make some fast dough.

Seed posted a picture his big win on Twitter, along with the following line:

“Internet poker is down in the US, but I'm still pressing buttons!”

Huck Seed Royal Flush

The win paid out a whopping $670,665.60, and according to a later tweet from Seed, he tipped out $1K, although we’re not sure if it was the cocktail waitress bartender, or payout attendant that was the lucky recipient of the gratuity.

We are pretty sure Allen Kessler is very jealous right about now.

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