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Greg 'FBT' Mueller Wins Epic Poker League Pro-Am, Thwarts Robbery

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Greg MuellerFor anyone thinking of stealing a $5K marker from Greg “FBT” Mueller at the craps table, you may want to reconsider. A would-be thief was run down by Mueller and a friend after swiping a $5,000 flag from Mueller’s stack at a high-stakes craps table Saturday night at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas.

The incident took place shortly after Mueller had finished up Day 1b of the Epic Poker League Pro-Am tournament as the chip leader. After noticing a person lingering around the craps table, Mueller and a friend caught a glimpse of a quick move in the vicinity of his stack of $5K flags. Mueller realized he was short one $5K flag after a quick count and proceeded to chase down the would-be robber through the Aria slot machine aisles.

After catching up with and gang-tackling the thief, Mueller demanded his $5K back, and told the perpetrator, “Ship the flag right now, and nothing happens to you. I won’t press charges, I won’t knock you out, just ship the flag.”

Mueller recovered his $5K, but unfortunately for the thief, casino security had arrived by this time. Mueller walked away from the incident with his money back, but the robber was left to face the authorities at that point.

You can hear Mueller’s entire account of the event on the Epic Poker League blog.

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