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Aussie Millions 10th Anniversary to Include Tournament of Champions

By Joss Wood, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

The day before the Main Event of this year’s Aussie Millions will see a special celebration. To mark the tenth anniversary of perhaps the most successful tournament in the southern hemisphere, nine of the ten previous winners will compete for a unique prize: a golden ticket good for free entry to the Aussie Millions Main Event for the rest of its owner's life.

The champions from each year were:

  • 2003 Peter Costa
  • 2004 Tony Bloom
  • 2005 Jamil Dia
  • 2006 Lee Nelson
  • 2007 Gus Hansen
  • 2008 Alexander Kostritsyn
  • 2009 Stewart Scott
  • 2010 Tyron Krost
  • 2011 David Gorr

Sadly, Alexander Kostritsyn will not be available to play, leaving 8 champions to compete in a winner-take-all tournament. Most of these players are young enough to live another 50 years, and considering this year's entry fee is $10,600, the organisers may end up paying the winner over $500,000. That’s a single-table winner-take-all Sit & Go freeroll for half a million bucks! Alexander Kostritsyn must be doing something REALLY important to miss out on this.

The event will be held at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia on the 21st of January. There are 26 separate events in this year’s Aussie Millions schedule, and this one has the potential to be the most thrilling. Gus Hansen will be the favourite for many, but in this format anything can happen. Due to the enormous prize, this won’t just be a lighthearted exhibition event- everyone will be going all out to win that golden ticket.

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