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Dave "Dubai" Shallow Wins the Inaugural WPT Ireland

By Daniel Smyth, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

He was one of the UK’s most feared online players back in 2006, but a dip in form saw Dave “Dubai” Shallow fall under the radar recently. As it turns out, this didn't prevent the online legend from playing his A-game at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin for the inaugural WPT Ireland this week. 338 participants posted €2,500 to enter this event, and at the end of the week Shallow was the last player standing.

He began the final table with an enormous lead– over 60% of the chips in play – and it seemed as though the deepstacked Shallow would cruise to victory with ease. However, a tumultuous start saw his stack dwindle as PKR qualifier Patrik Vestlin and Ronan Gilligan became the fortunate recipients of double-ups. 

Ronan Gilligan continued his upswing by quickly eliminating Steve Watts. After a flurry of betting pre-flop, the pair got all of their chips into the middle with Watts at risk holding Pocket Tens against Gilligan's Ace-King. The board came Qh-Jh-7s-9s-Td board, and Gilligan’s Ace-King rivered a winning straight. 

Although he ran hot to start the table, Gilligan's fun was put to an end in abrupt fashion when he danced one too many times with Charles Chattha while out of position. Although he lost a majority of his stack to Chattha, Gilligan was able to cling to his tournament life for long enough to watch Patrik Vestlin exit ahead of him in 4th place. Dave Shallow soon eliminated Gilligan, and heads-up play was ready to begin.


Out of 338 starting players only 2 remained: Dave Shallow and Charles Chattha. Aggression was the name of this heads-up game, and in the blink of an eye it was all over. Two hands defined the encounter; the first of them saw Chattha double up with Pocket Queens against Shallow’s Ks-3s (Shallow had 5-bet bluffed all-in preflop). 

The final hand went to Shallow, though, when he found his own Pocket Queens. With Chattha holding Pocket Nines, all of the chips got into the pot preflop it was looking good for Shallow. A brief pause from the dealer was followed by a safe board, giving Dave "Dubai" Shallow his first WPT win, €202,680 and a $25K seat in the WPT World Championship.

The final table payouts were as follows:

  1. David Shallow - €202,680 + $25K WPT Championship Seat
  2. Charles Chattha - €111,130
  3. Ronan Gilligan - €74,090
  4. Patrik Vestlin - €52,600
  5. Steve Watts - €39,270

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