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Significant Details on Duhamel Invasion Exposed

by Joss Wood, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

The Montreal Police has released significant details on the brutal assault and robbery suffered by WSOP Main Event champion Jonathan Duhamel. They have now revealed extensive evidence against his ex-girlfriend, Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, who planned the whole thing.

Two men forced their way into Duhamel’s Montreal home at 9:15 in the morning four days before Christmas. They stole his WSOP bracelet, a Rolex watch, €74,000 and $40,000. Duhamel was badly beaten and the robbers made threats against his family and intimidated him by suggesting that they would amputate his fingers. Clearly shaken after the attack, he said:

“It was very, very violent.”

The Incriminating Texts

It appears that another former girlfriend with whom Bianca and Jonathan shared some form of ménage a trois (you read that correctly) had received text messages from Bianca indicating what was going to happen.

“Tomorrow, at 10 o’clock, think of me,” she wrote. “My future is in play tomorrow and my plan will go ahead. . . ”

At the time, the unnamed friend did not take them seriously. Following the robbery, she realised the implication and called the police. The police quickly moved to arrest Bianca, and she ratted out her accomplices, John Steven Clark-Lemay, 22, and Anthony Bourque, 20, who were quickly caught. The rumour is that one of them was actually wearing the Rolex watch when he was arrested.

Young Miss Rojas-Latraverse was not averse to telling lies. After she broke up with Duhamel, she texted him to say she was pregnant, and she is also said to have represented herself as a medical student: neither was true.

Well done to the girl who went to the police. It must have taken a lot of courage. Jonathan offered a $10,000 reward for information after the attack, and I think she deserves it.

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