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Video Roundup: PokerStars Mobile, Crap Players Say, and Shooting Range Poker

Over the last week, PokerStars officially released an Android version of their mobile real-money poker app, and they followed that up by launching PokerStars Mobile in the United Kingdom. With so many more players able to use this app now than ever before, we thought you may be interested to take a look at it:

There are frequently attempts at creating comedy videos that apply to the poker world, but very rarely does one actually pull it off. Here's one that we think does:

Players, especially at home games, often try and figure out ways to spice up their time at the poker tables. Using poker to make OTHER things more interesting happens less frequently (with strip poker being a noteworthy exception - and who thought stripping was boring in the first place?), but a Maryland business is doing just that:

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