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Tom Dwan Wins Enormous $3.8 Million Pot in Macau

By , Rakeback.com Poker News Editor

Tom 'Durrrr' Dwan is best-known for participating in high-stakes cash games online, but he also travels the world looking for the biggest live games he can find. He's been involved in some very big and action-packed games over the course of his career, but this week in Macau he took part in a pot that very well may be the largest he's ever been in.

Dwan was playing at the Big Game at Starworld Hotel's Poker King Club in Macau. The club has become the go-to location over the past few years for world-class poker pros and wealthy Asian businessmen to play for enormous sums of money.

Lately, poker pros Tom Dwan and Andrew Robl have been participating in the games there alongside wealthy amateurs at stakes as high as HKD $30K/$60K - roughly $3,850/$7,700 in US Dollars.

A hand between Tom Dwan and a Chinese businessman took place at HKD $10K/$20K ($1,300/$2600 in USD) this week, and it's one of the biggest pots we've ever heard of.

Apparently all of the money - over HKD $30 million/USD $3.8 million - went into the pot on a A-T-2 flop. Dwan held A-T (top two pair) and his opponent had A-2 for a weaker two pair. The turn and river were meaningless, and Dwan collected enough money for most people to retire on.

If any other hands as interesting as this one take place over the next few weeks we'll be sure to report on them, but we anticipate much of the action heading back to the United States in June for the World Series of Poker.

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