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Brad Booth Responds to Accusations of Stealing Money

By , Rakeback.com Poker News Editor

Poker pro "Yukon" Brad Booth is best known for his appearances on poker television shows including High Stakes Poker. At the peak of his career he was a huge winner playing poker online.

Unfortunately, Booth was one of the biggest losers in the UB superuser scandal. Since then, he seems to have lost control of his life and has been unable to regain the killer instinct he once had.

Earlier this month, a TwoPlusTwo thread started by "WCGRider" called out Booth for stealing roughly $28,000 dollars from him.

Apparently, WCGRider had lent Brad money once before; that time it was promptly paid back. This gave him the confidence to lend a much larger amount on a second occasion. The second time, however, Booth left the country and changed his phone number to avoid facing his debts.

Rather than hiding forever, Booth decided to face his problems in a truly riveting YouTube video:

Regardless of your thoughts on the situation itself, it is impossible to criticize Booth's courage for facing his problems in this manner. We wish him the best in dealing with his problems, and we hope that he'll soon repay his debts and get his life in order.

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