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PokerPro Electronic Tables at the PokerStars City of Dreams Casino Macau

The machines are already in use at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, and since no dealer is required, there are no dealer tips. Just as with online poker, players deposit money in an account and use it to play on the poker client, but against the other players at the same live casino table.

The machines allow many of the benefits of online play to transfer to the live environment. Bricks and mortar casino poker players can now enjoy the same features that online players have become used to:PokePro machine

  • VIP promotions.
  • Showdown Odds.
  • Rabbit Hunting.
  • Ability to view previous hands.
  • Session Statistics.
  • Tournament Statistics.
  • Faster play.

Where online poker still wins hands down is its flexibility--no need to dress up to play and no need to drive for hours to get to the casino. Online players can arrange their computer set up to their own advantage and use databases to keep records and replay hands; head up displays help track opponents and multiple tables can be played simultaneously.

PokerPro machines are a big step forward for live casinos, but they’ve got a long way to go until they’re as good as the “real (online) thing.”

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