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Norwegian Politician Erlend Wiborg Accepts HU Poker Challenge

Amundsgaard issued the challenge to show that poker was a game of skill and shouldn’t be banned in Norway. To his, and the poker world’s surprise, Fremskrittspartiets politician Erlend Wiborg stepped up and said “OK!”pokerstars erland wiborg

Wiborg supports the legalization of online poker and accepted the challenge to publicize the government’s new plans to open the Norwegian online market to outside poker operators.

The politician is honest about his chances: ““Ola Amundsgård is known as one of the absolute best poker players in Norway… I'm an easy opponent for Ola Amundsrud, but I accept the challenge….” Wiborg has promised to give the $170k to charity if he wins.

Before the live session started he admitted a certain lack of experience: “In recent years, I've only played poker once and that was yesterday against a former world champion.”

The live session ended with Wiborg down $2,666. The pair have agreed to play a minimum of 120 hours or 10k hands between December 7 and May 7. The rest of the match will be played online, hosted by PokerStars, where they will be playing a minimum of two tables at a time.

Each player starts with 300 buy ins for blinds of $0.50/$1. When the largest stack at a table has 300 big blinds, the table will close and another one will be opened.

At the end of 10,000 hands, the player with the most chips will be declared the winner and hand over the million Kroner bet. If a player loses all his 300 buy ins before 10k hands, he can’t rebuy and loses the bet.

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