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iPoker Network Returns to a Single Playerpool

As of Aug 11, 2015, iPoker players once again all share tables in one global playerpool, a move which the network hopes will reverse its declining traffic.

iPoker Merges Tier 1 and Tier 2 Playerpools

Traffic figures via PokerScout

The iPoker network had been segregated into two playerpools - iPoker 1 and iPoker 2 - on Sep 4, 2012. With the exception of Speed Poker and tournaments.

More established rooms (or 'skins') such as Ladbrokes and Betfair that focused on recreational players were on iPoker 2. These larger rooms invested heavily in advertising, helping to grow the network.

Smaller rooms such as Winner, more popular with professional grinders were on iPoker 1.

Tier 1 rooms often offered affiliate iPoker rakeback, e.g. up to 70% in the case of Winner.

Move to a Recreational Player Model

Since iPoker switched to a source based rake (SBR) system on Jan 1, 2015, the effective value of affiliate rakeback deals has lowered.

The new system assigns net depositing players - recreationals - a higher 'real player value' (RPV), and they earn more rakeback. iPoker created pokerbills.com where players could track their SBR, RPV and net rewards. 

As a result of source based rake there's now less incentive to divide the playerpool into small 'rakeback skins' - that do little to attract new players - and the larger household name rooms with higher marketing budgets.

iPoker is also developing a new 'more recreational player friendly' software client, currently in beta.

Earlier moves aimed at attracting recs included the introduction of Twister Poker, the network's take on the Lottery SNG format, and €100,000 depositor freerolls.

iPoker Traffic on the Increase

Before the merge iPoker was seeing a 7 day average cash game traffic of around 1.3k players, lower than e.g. Bovada that only serves the USA. PokerStars sees over 10 times that.

iPoker Merges Playerpools Traffic Increase

Exact traffic figures post-merge are not yet available however the Winner lobby looks healthy with around ninety tables of 20NL - 100NL running.

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