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8-Year-Old Poker Prodigy Wants to Play with the Big Boys

By Joss Wood, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Alexa Fisher chose to go to this year’s WSOP rather than accept her Dad’s offer of a trip to Disneyland. At the age of 8 she might not have been allowed to play in the Main Event, but she hopes to win it some day.

She is still only allowed to play in charity poker tournaments, but she has managed some impressive finishes, including 6th in an event last year. Her father Justin said, 

“I know Alexa could play poker with the best players in the world and definitely hold her own.”

He taught her to play poker when she was 3, after she’d shown an interest in the game while watching the WSOP on ESPN. At first he just wanted to help her with her math skills, but now he thinks that Alexa could be the next big thing in poker.

She has learned more than 50 poker variants and has a remarkable level of confidence,

“I know how to shuffle and deal the cards, raise, check, fold, and bluff. I also know how to play Deuce-to-Seven Lowball, H.O.R.S.E., and Badugi. I can now play any poker game with the best poker players in the world.”

Her parents have already allowed her to play for real money. In Las Vegas her first “big” win was $42 in a cash game, and her biggest loss was $25. Her parents are truly thinking outside of the box by encouraging her in this manner. The benefits poker brings are not just financial; she will value her poker skills for her entire life. 

We often hear that the games are getting tougher, but it would appear that now poker players have to start worrying about 8-year-olds.

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