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Skill vs Chance in Poker to be Decided in South Carolina Supreme Court Tuesday

By Scott Carlson, Rakeback.com Staff Writer

South Carolina PokerOn Tuesday the South Carolina Supreme Court will hear debate on both sides of the skill vs luck factor in poker. The case has reached the Supreme Court four years after a raid on a Mount Pleasant home game. Many arrested plead guilty but five people were determined to fight the archaic South Carolina law and will have their arguments heard before the highest court in the state.

Each side will have 15 minutes to argue their side before the court. South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster will argue for the continuance of the strict anti-gambling law. The five individuals convicted will argue on behalf of the skill factor. Last week, both sides declined to comment regarding their positions in advance of the hearing tomorrow. A final decision by the court is not expected for several months.

The five individuals were first convicted in Municipal Court. The players appealed the conviction and it was overturned by Circuit Court Judge Markley Dennis. Dennis cited that Texas Hold’Em is determined more by “the relative skill of the player” than anything else. “A more skilled player will consistently beat a less skilled player, and a player’s skill can be improved over time through study and practice.”

Attorney General McMaster appealed the reversal saying the judge went too far by declaring one gambling game to be more skill-oriented than another. McMaster said “In the General Assembly’s view, the ills resulting from games played for money does not depend upon the particular game or the nature in which it was played.”

If poker is held up as a game of skill the decision could reverberate throughout the United States. This would be a major victory for poker players. If passed, similar appeals could be expected throughout the country.

If you would like to get involved, Rakeback.com suggests that you become a member of the Poker Players Alliance and fight for your rights.

What do you think? Let us know in the Rakeback.com forums and let your voice be heard.

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