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Ted Forrest Wins Sick $2M Prop Bet

Ted Forrest is a sick man.  Dubbed by some as the King of Prop Bets (a title he shares with Huck Seed), he is willing to take virtually any bet for any amount of money at any time in any place. Everything from insane golf bets to running a marathon in July in 110 degree Las Vegas heat. The latest bet should do nothing less than ensure he retains the title.


In May of this year, after a meal at the Commerce Casino Ted (weighing 189 lbs/86 kilos) was propositioned by Mike “The Mouth” Matusow and Justin “Boosted J” Smith to lose 50 lbs (23 kilos).  The terms of the bet stated that if Forrest lost the weight by July 15th Matusow and Smith would pay him a total of $2 million, or $1 million if he made it by September 15th.  If Ted failed to lose the weight he would pay $150K – pretty steep odds in Forrest’s favor.


At 7:14 PM on July 14th, Ted, accompanied by his girlfriend Pui, friend Tibor, and coach Mike Santoro, stepped on the scales and emptied his pockets.  Low and behold after untold hours of exercise and a crash diet with a personal trainer/nutritionist, Ted tipped the scales at exactly 138 lbs. (63 kilos).  Huck Seed was also on hand as witness and to certify the scale used.  Matusow and Smith, however, were nowhere to be found.


Truly, Ted Forrest remains one of the craziest and most successful prop betters in the world.  One can only imagine what he will attempt next.

Before and after photos:

Ted Forrest BeforeTed Forrest After

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