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Bwin Sit & Go Challenge

Win Up To $100 in Bonuses


Collect points on by playing at Bwin on several days of the week and grab up to $100 in bonuses!

Simply sign up for a Bwin account, play poker, meet the requirements shown below and the bonus is yours.

Bwin Sit & Go Challenge – How To Win

Playing 4 days / week Playing 7 days / week
1 point per day $5 poker bonus $10 poker bonus
5 points per day $15 poker bonus $20 poker bonus
25 points per day $35 poker bonus $40 poker bonus
50 points per day $45 poker bonus $50 poker bonus
100 points per day $75 poker bonus $100 poker bonus

If you collect between 6 and 24 points during 4 separate days in a week, you will earn a $15 bonus.

If you collect 51 points during 4 days and 1 point each during the remaining 3 you will win the $45 bonus (4 days of 50 points) bonus instead of the $10 bonus (7 days of 1 point). Each awarded bonus must be cleared during the following week.

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