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Doyle Brunson Defends Himself Against Critics

By Austin Munro, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

It is no secret that many high-stakes poker pros are vehement enemies at the poker tables. Their friendship away from the tables, however, can frequently surprise people. Last week this was evidenced first hand when the great Texas legend Doyle Brunson went to bat for his longtime friend Howard Lederer via a blog post.

There was quite a large backlash from the blog Doyle wrote, and he chose to defend his positions through another blog which appeared on his website earlier this week. While it seems very obvious that Doyle and Howard are friends, it is hard to read Doyle’s blog and find what he wrote disingenuous or misleading. He still puts most – if not all – of the blame on Full Tilt’s upper management, namely Ray Bitar. He explains this conclusion by stating that “Bitar is the only one who knows all the ins and outs of the company, and the company gaming licenses were in his name.” Brunson goes on to say that the notion of Full Tilt knowingly stealing from players is incredulous and only after Black Friday did anything unethical take place. 

Doyle concludes his post by making some interesting points regarding the winners and losers of this situation. He says that the lawyers are the real winners as this will be a lengthy legal battle. He tells a bit of a sob story saying that the Brunson family has lost $63,000 on Full Tilt and that they are hurting due to the economy as well. Finally, Doyle thanks his fans for their support during these troublesome times, and signs off with a statement that only a true Texas legend could make: “To the people who called me all those bad names and threatened me with physical violence – Caution: Don’t bring a baseball bat to a gun fight!”

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