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Doyle Brunson Recounts the Old Days

By Matt Kaufman, Rakeback.com Poker News Editor

Doyle Brunson is the elder statesman of professional poker players. He’s seen it all, and on his newest blogs he’ll be telling the stories of it all as well.

Brunson’s latest blog tells the tale of the first time he was robbed at gunpoint. That’s the first… of FIVE times.

Apparently it happened in 1957, and at that time Doyle was consistently playing at a dangerous location in Fort Worth, Texas. He says that during the time he spent in the area he saw five people killed, and that he heard about many other deaths.

While playing in a game at a pool hall, four policemen charged in with their guns drawn. The game had a security person with a loaded gun who would typically try and defend everyone from robbers, but the man put down his weapon when he saw that the intruders were policemen.

The four men began to gather money from the tables and players, but by the time everyone realized these “policemen” were actually robbers, the robbers were already in control of the situation. Another poker legend, Sailor Roberts, apparently lost a tooth when he was hit with a pistol for refusing to hand over his money. The robbers took off and were never caught or reported.

Doyle will be telling additional stories of his days as a young poker pro on his blog in the near future, and we anxiously await them. Considering the danger players like Doyle had to risk to play the game they loved, we’re quite thankful that online poker allows us to play without even leaving our homes.

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