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Epic (Poker League) Fail

By , Rakeback.com Poker News Editor

If we told you that the Epic Poker League (EPL), which recently filed for bankruptcy due to millions of dollars in debt, owned the domain name “EpicFailPokerLeague.com”, would you believe it? It would seem too ridiculous to possibly be true, right?

Wrong. Bankruptcy documents have been revealed which show specific information regarding the company’s debts as well as their assets – which include a massive list of domain names owned by the company.

First, let’s look at the financials – in barely a year operating, Epic earned under $40,000, yet they spent over $7.8 million. The league’s executives received over $1.1 million in pay, with Annie Duke at the top of that list having received just shy of $300,000.

Of the 5 EPL execs who earned over $150,000 thanks to a company with no revenues, ALL of them are still listed as creditors of the EPL because they are requesting additional unpaid wages.

The Unbelievable Domain Names

Epic apparently owns hundreds of domain names, many of which are so comical that it’s difficult to believe the league actually bought them. Here are some of our favorites, and we absolutely assure you that these are 100% real:

  • EpicFailPokerLeague.com
  • EpicBling.com
  • EpicChinesePoker.com
  • EpicDice.com
  • EpicLottery.com
  • EpicFailurePoker.com
  • EpicPaiGao.com
  • EpicPokerFail.com
  • EpicPokerFailure.com
  • EpicPokerSucks.com
  • WickedPoker.com
  • FuckEpicPoker.com
Again, those are completely real – even that last one. Great job, Epic!

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