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French Gambler Revolts Against Government

by Daniel Smyth, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

When it comes to their governing body, the French are renowned for rising up for the sake of their personal liberty. While the most famous French revolution took place between 1798 and 1799, the feisty Europeans have been publically displaying their discontent for decades. Indeed, even in today’s liberal climate things haven’t changed. 

The latest uprising has come from a lone French protestor incensed by his government’s lack of intervention in his gambling activities. The poker player has filed a €100,000 claim against the government, citing a failed gambling prevention system as the reason for his continued online betting.

Acting on behalf of the player, Lawyer Emmanuel Ludot told the French press that his client had registered with the interior ministry last year in a bid to halt his destructive gambling habit. They allege that the process wasn’t completed properly and the Frenchman was still able to access a range of online gambling sites. 

The system currently has over 36,000 registered gambling addicts, and in this particular case the player’s address details were wrongly entered. This oversight meant he was free to gamble online whenever he wished.

Commenting on the case, Ludot said: “It’s all well and good to moralize about online games but we all know that they rely on the addiction and sickness of players.”

Quite which way the arm of the law will fall on this case isn’t clear as both parties have a degree of responsibility. However, a successful outcome for the French gambler could well cause of wave of similar claims in the future. 

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