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Gus Hansen Up Millions in Macau

By Adam Sowell, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Jet-lagged and unmotivated after landing in Macau, Gus Hansen was all but sure he wasn’t going to be making an appearance in the million dollar buy-in game people were already talking about. After hanging out with his friends in Hong Kong for a few days, like a moth to a bright light, Hansen found himself pulling up a chair at the StarWorld Macau’s Poker King Club.

The game was No-Limit Texas Hold’em, and the stakes were 10,000/20,000 HKD – roughly $1,250/$2,500 in USD. You would need a quarter of a million American dollars just to have 100 blinds in this game.

Joining fellow poker pros John Juanda and Phil Ivey, Gus wasn’t sure how long of a session he would actually end up playing before returning to his friends Buster and Mr. Gwinner in the city. Mountains of plaques and 24 hours later, Hansen could barely keep his eyes open through his tiring marathon session.

“So I did end up playing in the big game in Macau – I have just finished a 24 hour session with plenty of big hands. I am too tired to write about them now and will quickly head to bed – but tomorrow I will give a little taste of what happened” Gus apologetically explained in his blog.

The next few days all Hansen knew was sleep, poker, and millions of dollars in profit. To say Gus Hansen ran hot in Macau would be a colossal understatement. Gus was reportedly up 3.8 million USD, over 30 million HDK, during his 3 endurance testing sessions. That’s an insane upswing of 1,500 blinds.

While Phil Ivey and John Juanda were not so fortunate at the tables, Andy Robl reportedly earned a profit of nearly $400,000 USD. The Poker King Club manager Mr. Winfred Yu is lucky to be up $130,000 after getting coolered holding K-K when Hansen found himself with A-A in an earlier session.

Hansen finally updated his blog after getting some much needed quality sleep. “So now that I am fresh and rejuvenated I guess I can squeeze in another session before it is off to Melbourne, Aussie Millions in poker and Australian Open in Tennis.” Gus is likely in Australia by now, and we have a feeling he’ll enjoy the tennis matches a little extra knowing he’s a few million dollars wealthier.

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