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Online Grinder TPiranha Quits Poker to Bet Fantasy Sports

High stakes Limit Holdem lost one of its most prolific regulars this week as SNE grinder Anthony Pirone announced his retirement from poker to bet daily fantasy sports in the US.

TPiranha was the first Fixed Limit player to be inducted into the PokerStars Hall of Fame in 2013 for earning 5M lifetime VPPs, with winnings of $2 million and hundreds of thousands of dollars in rakeback from the Supernova Elite program.


In total his poker career spanned over a decade, including battles at $50/$100 stakes and higher with St!ckman, Heisenberg and other elite names in LHE.

Mega Grinder ‘Sick of Playing’

Pirone cited a few reasons for wanting to make the switch in a blog post, including ‘getting older’ and struggling to ‘have that same level of focus’ when multitabling.

In addition he lamented the ‘current environment in online poker’ as a ‘major headache’.

Making money in high-stakes online games is more about table selection, seat selection, and quickness to the tables than about actual skill. The actual skill is still a prerequisite for making money but the vast majority of high stakes regulars at LHE are separated in skill by a fraction of a big bet.  So the other non-poker related skills carry much greater weight than they previously did. Now that nearly everyone is aware of them, the landscape has transformed into a race to get to tables, and into a contest to see who can get position on the recreational player.

The logistical difficulties of being an American online poker player with ‘constant travel’ and ‘ongoing banking nightmare’ issues have also been weighing on him. Living in Canada since Black Friday, the rise of 100% legal daily fantasy sports (DFS) offered a way to move back to the US.

Betting Fantasy Sports for a Living

So far the online phenomenon’s results have been positive, though with a limited sample size of just over 2 months. Applying the same work ethic to sportsbetting Pirone put in a massive volume in those months, playing over 9,000 fantasy baseball tournaments.

Like poker, Pirone feels betting on the MLB plays to his ‘biggest strengths’ in math, odds, psychology, and knowledge of ‘betting lines’. Being able to bet on sports legally in the US is the icing on the cake.

So far Pirone’s focus has been on baseball, football and hockey but he has plans to bet on the NBA with the new season upcoming. So far the 8 hour days, 6 days a week betting DFS have rekindled his ‘love of competition’ and he is optimistic for the future.

By , Rakeback.com Staff Writer

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