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How to Make and Keep the Perfect Poker Face

There are very few card games that can evoke the emotions and intense competitive atmosphere of poker.

It is a game that requires just as much strategy as it does good luck, meaning you do have a certain element of control over how you fare against the other players at your table. And of all of the many elements of a winning poker strategy, arguably none is more important than the ability to cultivate a flawless poker face.

Your competitors will be basing their decisions on whether to fold, raise, or play based on what kind of hand they think you are holding. Being able to deceive your fellow players, or at least not give them any indication of what you are thinking, is absolutely critical for poker success.

That’s why you need to read this professional guide on how to make and maintain the perfect poker face, no matter what cards you’re holding.

1. Know Your Own Body Language

The first step towards crafting a perfect poker face is to learn the telltale expressions that indicate a strong or a weak hand. There are mountains of evidence to suggest that there are common facial cues and physical ticks that can reliably indicate what position a poker player is in.

For example, fake smiles, fidgeting, stiffness, tapping the table, and aggressively throwing chips into the pot are all commonly thought to indicate a weak hand. On the flip side, taking deep breaths, having wide-open eyes, acting impatient, or loudly sighing and shrugging are all examples of body language associated with a strong head.

Memorizing and perfecting these can help inform a winning poker face.

2. Become a Master of Dissociation

The ultimate poker face is one that truly gives nothing away. Naturally, this can be difficult in a game such as poker, where tensions typically run high. That’s why it is important to be able to dissociate from your mind during a play and mentally step away from the table.

There are many tips that skilled poker players often recommend to help achieve this. Some memorize a song and start playing it in their head whenever they have a hand. Some repeat a mantra in their head or resort to completing mathematical equations to take their mind off their hand. Find a tactic that works for you and put it to good use.

3. Practice Your Poker Face Online

Only frequent and sufficient practice will help you build the poker face you need to succeed. As this guide to online poker playing explains, the advent of live casino gaming has had a significant impact on poker strategy.

By playing with real people and dealers over a video live-stream, you can practice your poker face in a low-stakes environment where people cannot see your face if you don’t want them to. What’s more, with many live casino sites offering free poker games to new players, you will be able to rehearse your poker face in a realistic environment without having to spend your own money.

As with all things regarding poker strategy, practice makes perfect.

4. Learn How to Memorize Your Hand

One of the most damaging dead giveaways in poker is constantly checking your hand throughout the round. If you can’t stop looking at your hand, it is clear to everyone that you probably have a decent set of cards and are debating when to make a play.

Once you have been dealt a hand, you should quickly memorize all of your cards and then refrain from looking at them again until it’s time to reveal your hand. Practice memorizing them as quickly as possible and try hard to refrain from looking at them. This way, you can avoid a common and crippling poker mistake.

By following these simple steps you will be able to put on a poker face that even the most seasoned players will not be able to see through.

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