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Isildur1 +$1.5 Million in First 48 Hours Back on PokerStars

by James Spillane, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Over a marathon 13,554 hands spanning 48 hours, Isildur1 defeated some of the strongest competition online. At the time of writing he is +$1,573,280 and sits alone at the tables, waiting for further action, stopping only for short naps when he has ‘no Redbull’ left.

Playing mostly heads-up at $100/$200 stakes, the majority of Isildur1’s winnings came from Brian ‘aba20’ Townsend (-$207K), an unknown Canadian playing as “VietRussian” (-479K), and Phil ‘MrSweets28’ Galfond (-510K). Fake Love888 (-147K), strongly rumoured to be Patrik Antonius, was also active in the games.

Perhaps the highest action player the online felt has ever seen, Isildur1’s presence once again lit up the tables, with a record 20 nosebleed PLO tables running at one point.

The 21-year old Internet wizard was back with his trademark requests for mass-tabling HU action, claims of being ‘too tired’ for $50/$100 stakes, and a belief that playing 6 tables feels ‘better, more real’.

It also didn’t take him long to play this monster $213K pot – over 1000 big blinds at the stakes being played:

Speculation had been rife as to where Viktor Blom had been for the last few months, including rumours that his PokerStars sponsorship had come to an end. His older brother, who also plays on PokerStars as MeatballsPls, hinted in chat that Isildur1 was building up his bankroll in high stakes live games.

Whatever the reason, his return is greatly welcomed by railbirds everywhere. We’re predicting an epic month to come on PokerStars.

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