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Men the Master Calls Hollywood Dave Stann a ‘Cheater’

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Men Nguyem and Hollywood Dave StannApparently not every altercation at the World Series of Poker has to do with a Full Tilt Poker player being berated because the company hasn’t paid U.S. players yet. Hollywood Dave Stann and Men ‘The Master’ Nguyen were involved in a heated exchange Thursday night during Event #3 – $1,500 Omaha Hi/Lo, and the entire incident was sparked by a dealer error.

According to PokerNews, the situation began when a split pot was erroneously being shoved in Stann’s direction when players realized that it should actually be split between Nguyen and Stann. The floor was called, and apparently Stann chopped the pot up himself, rather than the dealer.

There’s some confusion as to exactly what set Nguyen off at this point. According to the PokerNews report, Nguyen was upset because he thought Stann was trying to take the whole pot for himself. Dr. Pauly over at the Tao of Poker reported that Nguyen thought that Stann shorted his half of the pot by 1,000 chips.

Regardless of the exact reason for the outburst and eventual shouting match, the floor had to be called again to separate the two. Both players received a warning, and play resumed.

Was this a case of Nguyen angle-shooting (something he’s been known to do), or did he have a legitimate beef here? Who knows, but if the two end up throwing down in the Rio parking lot, we’ll be there to cover it for you.

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