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Nick Rainey Gets His Own Website…For the Wrong Reasons

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Nick Rainey is a poker player with a website. Sure, that may not sound that impressive, it seems like every poker player out there these days has their own site, journal, blog etc…

But in this case, it’s a site we’re guessing Rainey wishes didn’t exist. Apparently Rainey made arrangements to sell pieces of himself to backers for the 2011 WSOP Main Event. After getting the funds, Rainey didn’t even play in the tournament, and skipped the U.S.A. for The Great White North, Canada.

This in and of itself isn’t much of a story, except for the fact that a few of the backers that Rainey hung out to dry have put together a website to warn/notify/harass Rainey regarding the theft.

The site is appropriately titled NickRaineyIsAThief.com, and it becomes quite apparent when you visit just what its purpose is.

Nick Rainey is a Thief Website

Details of the backing-deal-gone-bad are there on the site, along with descriptions of Rainey’s other scams over the years. There’s even a form you can fill out if you’ve seen Rainey around. We’re guessing there’s a few people behind this site that would love to “get in touch” with him at some point in the future regarding their stolen money.

According to the site, Rainey has moved to Canada and deleted or disabled all of his blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Moral of the story…don’t steal money from people and you won’t get your own website labeling you as a thief.

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