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Phil Ivey Wins $11 Million, Doesn’t Get Paid

By , Rakeback.com Content Manager

Phil Ivey Wins Big in London CasinoOn a trip to London back in August, former Full Tilt Poker pro Phil Ivey had some fortunate luck at the tables and won $11 million according to a Daily Mail article posted online on Saturday. Sitting at a Punto Banco table over seven hours on two consecutive days netted him the big win.


After Mr. Ivey won the cash he requested that his winnings be wired to his bank account. Since it was a banking holiday the casino informed him that he would have his winnings wired the next business day. The Crockfords Casino (owned by Malaysian Genting Casinos) decided it was too big of a win and refused to pay.

The casino apparently decided something fishy was going on and launched an internal investigation. Falling short of actually filing a complaint against Ivey, the casino has to this date refused to pay the winnings. Only his initial £1 million has been returned.

The article seems to float many “ideas” on how this could possibly be a cheat, including:

  • Ivey was with an “Oriental woman” who has had her membership suspended at another sister casino.
  • Ivey is a divorcee, as if that is the reason that he must have cheated.
  • Ivey “Hit and Ran” the casino, leaving after he was ahead.

Is it the Amount?

It appears that the casino feels he “must have been cheating” because of the amount that he won. They do indicate that he bought in for £1 million and walked away with £7.3 million ($11 million USD). If someone were to walk in with $100 and leave with $730 would they be considered an obvious cheat? We think not.

Pay that man his money!

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