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PokerNewsDaily For Sale on eBay

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

In an interesting move, the PokerNewsDaily website has been put up for sale, and anyone with an eBay account can purchase it. PokerNewsDaily is a part of the PlayPoker Network, and it’s become clear that the news site doesn’t fit in with the network’s future plans.

PokerNewsDaily eBay Auction Bid

In its latest incarnation, PokerNewsDaily has been in operation since 2008 and “boasts premier rankings spots for keywords such as ‘poker news’”.  A quick trip to Google shows that behind pokernews.com and cardplayer.com, PokerNewsDaily is the third hit on the popular search engine if you’re looking for ‘poker news’.

The sale includes the following items:

  • The pokernewsdaily.com domain name.
  • The PokerNewsDaily brand name (there are no registered trademarks)
  • All of the content (articles, site reviews, player profiles, videos, etc) on the site. There are over 5,300 posts, over 3200 comments and over 3100 registered users.
  • The PokerNewsDaily facebook page with 236 likes.
  • The PokerNewsDaily twitter account with 6174 followers and 283 listed.
  • Any other data contained in the PND database such as registered users, external click tracking data, etc. Nothing of substance or potential usefulness will be deleted prior to transfer.
  • The full customized WordPress install including the custom theme and the configured plugins.
  • The original PSD for the theme (which was purchased in a contest on 99designs) and the .AI file for the logo (which was purchased in a separate contest on 99designs).
  • The PokerNewsDaily Google Apps account which includes our [email protected] email address and several years of emails. This account also includes our FeedBurner feed with 1552 subscribers (813 of those are email subscribers via FeedBurner).
  • The PokerNewsDaily Google Analytics account which has data going back to July 24th, 2009. This account has the Google Apps account as an administrator so you can simply delete our access to it once the deal has closed.

The sale will not include any poker affiliate accounts and any existing deals or contracts that the site carries (writers) will need to be renegotiated by the purchaser.

The eBay auction will close at 12:15 pm PST on Saturday, June 25th. As of Friday the bidding was up to $3,950. It will be interesting to see just what price it will command.

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