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Several 2012 WSOP Changes Revealed

By Matt Kaufman, Rakeback.com Poker News Editor

The 2012 World Series of Poker (WSOP) schedule will be released tomorrow, but the world’s premiere poker series couldn’t wait another day before revealing some information about this year’s event.

On Twitter today, the official WSOP account, @WSOP, sent the following messages:

“A few hints on WSOP schedule coming tomorrow… you won’t find the November Nine returning.”

“For the 2012 WSOP, an expected 470 poker tables will be utilized… nearly 100 more than last year!”

“Another good change coming to WSOP in 2012… no off day during Main Event #keepdealing”

“Amazing but true… Barack Obama, Mitt Romney & Newt Gingrich impacting 2012 World Series of Poker.”

“The WSOP Main Event this year will be 3 days shorter without compromising structure at all. #winallaround”

Apparently, the November Nine is no more.

Perhaps the massive success of the live television feed of several days of the 2011 Main Event played a role in this decision. Poker fans no longer need to wait until November to watch the days leading up to the final table; they can simply watch them live. There is no “spoiler” if the full tournament is covered as it happens.

While it’s easy to speculate why the November Nine is gone, it’s quite a bit harder to understand how the Main Event can be 3 days shorter without compromising its structure. Or how those politicians have impacted anything!

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long for those answers. The missing details and more will be released tomorrow alongside the 2012 WSOP schedule, and we’ll be sure to fill you in on everything.

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