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Tom Dwan Million Dollar Challenge vs Antonius Resumes on Full Tilt

The Million Dollar Challenge got back under way once again on Sunday between Tom “durrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius. The players racked up 226 hands after a six day break in which they played a 1,000 hand session on Monday. The pair has now competed against each other for a total of 4,178 hands in which Dwan is up $140,000. A total of five days worth of play have been logged on the books and has attracted the attention of poker players across the industry. Play is scheduled to go on for a total of 50,000 hands. Many in the industry have wondered if the challenge will actually end the slow pace of play so far, especially with the upcoming 57 event 2009 World Series of Poker which gets under way in May. The challenge which was issued by Dwan was accepted by Phil Ivey, David Benyamine and Antonius.fulltilt-logo

In this session’s only six figure pot, Dwan raised pre-flop to $1,200 to which Antonius then made it $3,600. Dwan then called. The flop came 2-7-5 with two clubs, Antonius led out with a healthy bet of $7,200. Dwan called and saw the kind of spades come up on the turn. Antonius acted again, betting $21,600. Dwan called once again and the river showed a third club on the board. Antonius was then prompted to push for $29,000, having Dwan covered. Dwan called to which Antonius showed a 10 high flush with 10c-Jd-8c-8h, bringing in an impressive $116,000. It hasn’t been announced when the two players will get together again to continue play.

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