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Top 10 Poker Players We Want to Punch in the Face

By Scott Carlson, Rakeback.com Poker News Senior Writer

Face Punch Poker PlayersIn honor of Phil Hellmuth making the list of the 50 Most Punchable Faces in Pro Sports (poker is a sport?), we at Rakeback.com took an informal poll around the office of the top 10 poker players we would love to punch in the face.

Honorable Mention

First off let’s name the people who just missed the top 10. If they continue their douchey ways, they could sneak into the list soon.

15 – Brandon Cantu
14 – Ilari ‘Zigmund’ Sahamies
13 – Jean-Robert Bellande
12 – Jeff Madsen
11 – Shawn Sheikhan

The Top 10

Now its time to get to the top 10. If we were to get slowrolled by any of these players, they would be picking their teeth up off the table.

10 – Daniel Negreanu – Don’t get us wrong, KidPoker is one of the nicest players out there. Sometimes he is almost too nice. Call him the Tim Tebow of the poker world. Negreanu has had his share of controversy over the years though including calling Annie Duke a f***ing c-word and his most recent feud about table talk with Matt Savage.

9 – “Salty” Joe Hachem – If your only memory of Joe Hachem is him draped in the Aussie flag at the end of the 2005 WSOP Main Event you would think he is a great guy. When the cameras are turned off he can be one nasty SOB. He has a history of berating dealers and players alike.

8 – Allen Bari – If you ever look at his Twitter account you will see how highly he thinks of himself. He literally thinks everyone in the poker world is terrible. Add to the fact that he won his first WSOP bracelet this summer, his head can no longer fit through the doorway.

7 – Layne Flack – Try and find Layne Flack without a drink in his hand. He famously missed the NBC National Heads-Up Championship after being arrested for speeding and DUI suspicion. He was also seen in a video golfing with Russ Hamilton after the UB scandal broke.

6 – Prahlad Friedman – Just his rapping skill is worthy enough for him to make the list. We are pretty sure Jeff Lisandro wanted to punch him during the 2006 WSOP Main Event when Friedman accused him of not putting in his ante. As a guy who used to stand up for “what’s right” and not selling out, he went on to sign as a pro for UB after he was cheated out of millions on the site.

5 – Scotty Nguyen – One of the most deplorable poker moments on television was his final table appearance in the $50K Poker Players Championship event. Over the course of the event he became more and more drunk. Yelling at dealers and Michael DeMichelle during the telecast proved to be a horrible display of sportsmanship. Add in his softplaying against Erick Lindgren, he makes the list of punchable poker players.

4 – Phil Hellmuth – Not much really needs to be said about the Poker Brat that hasn’t been written in the past. He is without a doubt one of the most hated players in the game.

3 – Humberto Brenes – If you ever encountered the “chark” you immediately want to punch him in the face. Known for his toy sharks with laser beams, Brenes will mimic eating you chips. I had the (mis) fortune of having him on my day 2 starting table of a $1,500 WSOP event this year. I was having friends and family raising bail money for me in case when I smashed his chark that I would get locked-up.

2 – Men Nguyen – There are just so many reasons for this guy to make the list. Tops would be him allegedly stealing chips from preliminary events at Foxwoods to be used in later events. He is a notorious drunk who always has a Corona (or two) next to him at all times. He loves to think its the dealers fault for bad beats. The last and possibly best reason is he has players that he backs softplay him or outright make them fold when they are in a pot with him.

1 – Tony G – This one’s not even close. He is by far the most hated player in the game. He has a knack for getting under EVERY players skin. He will berate you, pick on you and make your life a living hell at the poker table. Add to the fact that he is filthy rich, he takes the number one spot on our countdown.

What do you think of our rankings? Did we miss anybody? Let us know in our forums.

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