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Blom Bests Haxton In The $500k SuperStar Showdown

By , Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer PokerStars Pro Viktor Blom

PokerStars Team Online Pro Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom faced off against Isaac ‘philivey2694’ Haxton this week in the third SuperStar Showdown they’ve played, winning $500,000 over three days and 5030 hands.

For the first time the challenge was fought at $200/$400 stakes, the highest offered on PokerStars. Each with a $500k buy-in and no stoploss, they four-tabled heads up over three long sessions until finally, after 12 hours of play, Ike busted.

$100k Pots

The hyper-aggressive duo both played close to 100% of their hands, raising pre-flop over 60% and 3-betting close to 30%. They played eight pots over $100,000, each winning four. 

The largest and perhaps most impressive hand saw Isildur picking off a three-barrel bluff from Ike, making one of his trademark river snap-calls for a pot of over 400 big blinds:

Isildur1 (BTN/SB): $84848.00
philivey2694 (BB): $125912.00
Isildur1 raises to $1200, philivey2694 raises to $4800, Isildur1 calls $3600
Flop: ($9600.00) J of clubs A of clubs T of diamonds
philivey2694 bets $7200.00, Isildur1 calls $7200
Turn: ($24000.00) 8 of diamonds
philivey2694 bets $19200.00, Isildur1 calls $19200
River: ($62400.00) K of hearts
philivey2694 bets $94712.00, Isildur1 calls $53648 all in
Final Pot: ($169696.00)
Isildur1 shows A of diamonds 8 of hearts
philivey2694 shows 6 of diamonds K of diamonds
Isildur1 wins $169696.00

Isaac Haxton

Haxton made a similar tough call in this spot:

Isildur1 (BTN/SB): $108976.00
philivey2694 (BB): $111864.00
Isildur1 raises to $1000, philivey2694 calls $800
Flop: ($2400.00) 4 of spades 4 of diamonds4 of clubs
philivey2694 checks, Isildur1 bets $2000.00, philivey2694 calls $2000
Turn: ($6400.00) Q of clubs
philivey2694 checks, Isildur1 bets $5600.00, philivey2694 calls $5600
River: ($17600.00) K of diamonds
philivey2694 checks, Isildur1 bets $30000.00, philivey2694 calls $30000
Final Pot: ($77600.00)
Isildur1 shows 5 of diamonds 6 of clubs
philivey2694 shows 2 of spades2 of diamonds
philivey2694 wins $77600.00

EV Graphs

Winnings, all-in EV, red and blue lines for Isildur1, across over a thousand of the largest pots they played:

Isildur1 EV Graph

Special thanks to posters Villagio and Vanilla Thunder on the 2+2 Forums for helping to compile this data.

Blom's Showdown History

Viktor's results in these exhibition HU matches have been near-perfect, going 10-for-13 to win $684k prior to this match, over 30k hands and 11 opponents. The only player in the green versus him was Haxton, up just a few buy-ins over two previous matches.
Viktor Blom SuperStar Showdown History
That all changed this week of course, as Viktor pulled way ahead in the dollar amounts. It may take hundreds of thousands of hands to truly know which of these online stars has the edge, however; they're both widely considered to be amongst the top 5, perhaps even top 2 HU NL players in the world.

Get Involved

If you have a PokerStars account and the bankroll, you can challenge Isildur1 to your own SuperStar Showdown, usually a 2,500 hand session at $50/$100 stakes with a $150k buy-in. Serious applicants are invited to email [email protected].
US-based players can rail high stakes by downloading the PokerStars client from this approved link for Windows users, or this one for Mac. Spectating is not prohibited.
Three-part video of the full match was also recorded online by YouTube user shorshiiii.

Watch in full-screen and enable HD settings using the gearbutton.


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