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WSOP Event #18 Recap

WSOp DiariesWe started six-handed at my table and quickly moved to seven-handed within a few hands. The rest of the stacks were in the well for late registrants. When we were seven handed my table seemed very easy. Not much in creativity and pretty much weak play overall. Most of them (except for the player to my right) seemed like they just wanted to last as long as they could.

Day 1 – Levels 1 and 2

As what always seems to happen in every tournament I play, I picked up a playable hand on the very first hand, flopped top pair and called flop and turn bets from the player to my right who turned out to be the only creative player at the table early. He had a weak ace for no pair and after the first hand I was over 5k (4.5k to start).

In the second level I picked up Q-Q in early position at 25/50 and raised it up to 125 and received just one caller. Flop comes K-10-x and I cbet 200 and get called. Turn is a brick and I check. Opponent bets out 600 and I check-raise to 1,600. He goes into the tank and folds. After that he said “Can you tell me what you had when I bust?” I did catch some of the conversation on the other side of the table and I overheard he had the other Q-Q.

Still at 25/50 I pick up J-J in late position and call a raise to 150 from a 50 something guy in early position and I am the only caller. Flop comes 8-7-3 and he takes about 10 seconds and fires 300 leaving him about 2,300 behind. I just decide to call and evaluate the turn. When the Q hits the turn he snap ships the rest of his stack in. This is when the live tells start ringing in my head. There is just nothing that he is holding that beats me that he will snap jam the turn with. If he has A-A or K-K or even a hand with Q in it he is looking to find a way to get me to call. The snap jam isn’t it. I ended up taking a minute just to run through the hand again in my head to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I call and he tables 10-10. River bricks off and I am on my way.

Throughout the second level the table filled with a drunk monkey who hadn’t slept yet and was as aggro as they come. The other seat was filled by a competent young player. At the first break I had climbed up to 8,850.

Day 1 – Levels 3 and 4

In levels three and four I was all over the place. In the first half hour I was in about 50% of the pots and the stack would move between 7k and 12k and eventually evened out at 10k. I then went through an hour long stretch where I folded almost everything. The last half hour of level 4 (75/150) saw me play about 40% of the hands again where the stack moved up and down. At the second break I was sitting on 9,950. Also on the last hand of the level the drunk monkey was busted and would eventually be replaced with a lagtard Euro.

Day 1 – Levels 5 and 6

Shortly into level five our table broke and I was moved into the 7 seat at a good table. The 8 seat was a really good young internet kid who knew what he was doing. The 9 seat was WPT POY contender but I can’t remember his name. The 10 seat was 2010 WSOP Main Event 10th place finisher Brandon Steven. The rest of the table consisted of a massive nit in the 3 seat and an old nit in the 4. The table would fill with an aggro Euro in the 5 and and tough aggro eastern Euro in the 2.

I was able to pick up a couple hands in levels five and six. I ended up busting two short stacks. The first one was after I raised with A-A and the short-stack 3-bet shoved. He had A-J and his 2.5k stack. I busted the second short stack with about the same 2.5k stack in a race when I held 9-9 vs his overs. Those were the only significant hands and I reached the dinner break at 18.8k and in very good shape.

Day 1 – Levels 7 and 8

After dinner break is when I really opened the game up a bit. The first one didn’t go so well when the 4.5k stack of seat 9 raised in early position and was 3-bet by the 10 seat. The laggy Euro to my left flatted and I found A-Q and put in the 4-bet trying to isolate against the short stack. Seat 9 shoves as expected, 3-bet player folds and then the Euro wakes up and 6-bet re-shoves. I fold. Seat 9 had A-K and the Euro had  A-A. If it was just me against seat 9 I actually lose another 1.2k. After the hand I had around 15k.

The rest of the 7th and 8th levels were fairly uneventful until just before break. Playing 200/400/50 the laggy Euro raised to 900 and I called with A-J. Flop comes J-7-2 and I call his 1k cbet. Turn pairs the deuce and he fires 1,600 and I call. River brings another 2 for a final board of J-7-2-2-2. He fires 2,700 and I snap call. He shows the A-7 and I’m good. Heading into the last break of the night I was sitting on 20.5k.

Day 1 Levels 9 and 10

In the 9th level (300/600/75) I lost some chips against a super-tight player who jammed their last 4k in the pot from the hijack and I find J-J in the big blind. What am I going to do fold in that spot for 3400 more? I didn’t and he had K-K which holds. I doubled another short stack when his under pair holds against my overs and I am down to 12k. The rest of the level and the beginning of the 10th level saw me fold, fold fold and I was getting down to a 10bb stack.

I found two shoves in the last level. The first one was A-K that got through without a caller. The second one I shoved over a shorter stack than me and we both had A-J. Of course flop on that one comes Q-J-J. One more caller please?

I was not able to find any more shove spots until they stopped the clock with 10 minutes left and we played three more hands. First one I was in the big blind and a player that was opening 60% of the pots raised and I had Kh-10h. I’m a gigantic pussy though and folded. On the last hand of the night I had Q-10 on the button and folded to the same player’s raise.

At the end of day one I bagged up a whopping 6,600 in chips and we were coming back to 500/1000/100 blinds. I believe I was in the 470s in the chip count out of 492 players left with 324 being paid.

Day 2 – Shove Early

Day two was a pretty easy decision, find a hand and shove. Only one recognizable player at the start of the day which was Humberto Brenes in the 3 seat. I started in the 7 seat so I had five hands to choose from. I received nothing in the first four hands but was more than happy to see A-K on the fifth hand. I shoved and a bigger stack called. He would show J-J. I didn’t improve and was out the door very early.

Over VERY interesting note was the player to my immediate left at the start, Foster Hays. He started the day with 9,700 in chips. At the end of the day he was sitting on the chip lead at 1.25 million. He would eventually go on and win the bracelet.

One seat away….

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