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Betsson Set to Acquire NordicBet

By , Rakeback.com Poker News Editor

Rakeback.com partner Betsson announced in a public statement earlier this week that it will acquire large parts of the Nordic Gaming Group (NGG). The NGG is the owner of several gaming brands, including Tobet, Triobet, and another Rakeback.com partner room - NordicBet.

According to the announcement, the purpose of the deal was for Betsson to strengthen its position in the Nordic region, where NordicBet is a strong player. Additionally, Betsson was interested in NGG's healthy sportsbook, as the company receives roughly half of its profits from sports betting.

From NGG's perspective, the deal works out favorably as well. NGG will continue to run as it has been for the foreseeable future - but now they'll have the ability to make use of Betsson's resources. NGG CEO Per Hellberg stated it simply, "We believe that we can quickly benefit from each other's strengths."

What does this mean for Betsson and NordicBet players?

Rakeback.com players at Betsson or NordicBet will not be impacted by this deal anytime in the near future, and there will be absolutely no interruption to the services that customers have come to expect from either company.

For now, just keep on playing, and know that both sites are looking to expand and offer customers an even better product than they already do.

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